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The bespoke process

Learn a little more about how we work by reading our bespoke service process guide below. 



Come say hi

We’d love to hear from you, and learn just how we can help. Whether you’re getting married or organising an event, tell us all about it and let us recommend some of fabulous products and services.


The Brief

…isn’t as formal as it sounds! “The brief” is simply the evolution of our initial conversation; it’s where we delve into the nitty-gritty and learn exactly what it is you’re after, and how we can help. Not only will we get to learn more about you, but you will get to know more about us, our ethos as a company, and how exactly we intend to approach the work you need us to do for you. Together, we’ll discuss everything from overarching themes to colour schemes, time frames and where you're physically located (we do ship to Paraguay, but it might take a bit longer!) – all to give us the very best insight into you, your event, and your requirements.

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The Assignment & Quotation

AKA your shopping list. Before we start work, we’ll put together an in-depth summary for you of all the services and products we’re going to provide you with. It'll explain, in detail, the bespoke design work you’re commissioning from us, and include things like quantities and production schedules.


The assignment forms the backbone of the contract you’re entering into with us. Attached will be our quotation, which will include a breakdown of everything from our design fees to the cost of printing and producing any physical products you need!


Off we go!

Having distilled all your requirements into an Assignment and Quotation, we'll request a deposit from you, and off we'll go! We'll provide you with regular updates and little sneak peaks into our progress. Should you wish to make tweaks along the way, we can do that too. It's only natural that your design evolves along the way, and reasonable adjustments to the Assignment are part of the journey!

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When everything's ready, we'll provide you with a final design proof.  Any last tweaks need to be made now because after we receive confirmation from you on the final proof, 

Final proof


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